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Hotel & Resort Management

Combining a modern marketing approach and operational efficiencies for optimal operating results, Flagship Services Corporation (FSC) provides the highest level of Hotel Management Services.

As a hotel operator/manager, FSC has developed and perfected custom methods to maximize cash flow and return on investment, thus increasing value. The following provides a brief overview of how we do it.

Property Management

Flagship’s broad resources allow for on-going consultation services in a number of key areas that impact the profitability of a hotel or casino operation.  These include: Marketing Strategies, Employee Profiling and Efficiencies, Energy Management and Preventive Management Systems, Shrinkage Control, Security, Safety and Surveillance.

Operations Management

We staff our hotels with strong General Managers who understand our management culture and have proven capabilities. We arm them with state-of-the-art management and financial support systems focused towards attaining the desired results. Some characteristics of our management include:

  • Training Programs
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Food & Beverage Consultation
  • Management Systems
  • Organization Planning & Performance Measurement
  • Wage and Salary Programs
  • Executive Compensation Programs
  • Personnel Policy and Administration
  • Civil Rights and Affirmative Action Compliance
  • Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Internal Audits
  • System Development
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Systems
  • Operating Procedures and Controls
  • Feedback System

Labor Cost Controls Systems

Flagship’s proprietary cost control systems ensure that productivity is maximized and that an appropriate ratio for the number of staff hours invested is achieved.  Monitored daily by senior management, payroll costs are maintained at proper percentages of revenues within the operations.

Food & Beverage Services

Flagship Services has years of experience managing hotel food and beverage operations ranging from 100 to nearly 500 rooms and upwards of 40,000 square feet of meeting space. We have expertise in catering sales, meeting and conference planning, front-of-the-house restaurant management, and complete food and beverage financial controls.

Our Food & Beverage management services include the development and execution of property-specific programs, with ongoing assessments and tuning. FSC’s Food & Beverage management processes include:

  • Food and Beverage audits
  • Management of Food and Beverage control systems
  • Review of adherence to franchise standards
  • Concept, menu design and development
  • Management of corporate purchasing programs
  • Support and guidelines for annual budgeting
  • Periodic financial analysis of food and beverage operations

Gaming Services

Casino Administration

Understanding that traffic, and therefore revenue, in a casino is highly variable depending on time of day, it is critical that staffing be correctly deployed in order to contain costs and maximize return on investment, while maintaining appropriate levels of service to gaming patrons.  Flagship applies sophisticated models to ensure that over or under staffing does not contribute to a loss of revenues or cost overruns.  Credit control procedures as well as marketing and collection policies are developed in accordance with the property’s overall business objectives.

Casino Marketing and Development

The proliferation of casinos throughout the United States and the Caribbean has contributed to dramatic increases in the gaming population and gaming destinations.  The growth calls for ingenious marketing strategies and programs designed to attract these new players.

Flagship specializes in procuring resources and consultants for all aspects of casino operations, marketing & finance.

FSC’s driving objective is to attract the necessary volume of players and “cash drop” to meet and exceed the revenue projection of the property.  In this highly competitive environment, casino marketing strategists and administrators must innovate to enhance the gaming experience. 

Today’s modern casinos must offer more than simply a gaming venue: entertainment options, foodservice concepts, and hotel accommodations must be aligned to complement and enrich the gaming experience.

Flagship's resources have studied modern trends in gaming and casino successes and determined that a meticulous balance of players and machinery is key to optimizing profits.  Marketing plans must focus heavily on attracting to the property large numbers of patrons.

Security and Loss Prevention - Hotel & Casino

Flagship Services Corporation is highly experienced in both the security and loss prevention arenas. With decades of hands-on experience in the field of security of premises in the retail and hospitality industries, our successes have been noted in the following areas: hospitality (restaurant, hotel, resort, nightclub) and casino operations. We make available:

  • Identification of critical assets, threats, risks, and vulnerabilities
  • Independent audit or survey of current security measures
  • Security equipment planning, design, contractor qualifications and administrative oversight of installation
  • Security program development
  • Inventory controls
  • Employee drug abuse, prevention and interdiction
  • Weather-related preparatory and mitigation programs

Sales & Marketing Programs Development

Marketing Services are custom-designed for each individual property.  Such efforts range from performing market analyses and feasibility studies, to producing full property marketing plans as well as specific sales strategies.

  • Economic and market research
  • Development of mission statement
  • Planning of marketing strategies
  • New product development
  • Analysis of competitiveness
  • Source-of-business market analysis
  • Strategies for pricing/inventory management/yield management
  • Direct sales and sales promotions
  • Advertising and public relations strategic planning
  • Direct marketing
  • Budget control processes
  • Design of inventory control systems

Asset & Oversight Management

The purpose of oversight management is to assess and advise a client on the operational and financial management of a hotel with the goal of improving its rate of return of investment and its value.  FSC’s role is to monitor the on-site property management on behalf of the owner, lender, or other vested party, providing an independent perspective.

The failure to recognize the impact of competitors’ new technologies, aggressive marketing, or changing brand affiliations, to name a few, can undermine a property’s market position, with the resulting diminishing equity and profit.  Asset and oversight management steps in when a study of a hotel’s positioning, financial structure, operating policies, or management is called for in order to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace.  

Through recommendations to improve the physical facility, increase revenue growth, and provide consistent quality of service, and the examination of market strategy and expense controls, efforts are made to enhance the value of the asset. The property is visited regularly for inspections and consultations with management personnel on ongoing operations, marketing, and the implementation of suggestions made during previous visits. 

In addition, FSC submits written reports on visits and meetings with corporate and on-site management. Further, written comment is provided to the owner as a follow-up on reports from the operator and its staff; these include an analysis and critique of the financial statements.

Financial Reviews / Analysis

  • Property review – on site inspection services – asset condition analysis – franchise compliance
  • Participation in property management meetings for policy review and operational standards compliance
  • Recommendations regarding yield management, capital improvements, franchise standards
  • Full reporting of findings
  • Disposition of assets per owner’s objectives or market changes.

Business Plan Development

  • Monitors the operator's compliance with operating agreements, including thorough analysis of the operating agreement clauses, such as fee payment, reporting requirements, staffing levels, and services provided to guests.
  • Acts on behalf of the owner in negotiations with the operator to reach consents and approvals under the operating agreement. This also applies to new vendor agreements.
  • Advises owner on annual business plans and the annual capital budget presented by the operator, including recommendations for adjustments to the proposals. This follows a review of the property’s projected financial statements, budgets, and market analysis.
  • Conducts monthly meetings with the operator to evaluate financial, marketing, and operational goals.  Ownership may or may not choose to attend the meetings; in either case, Flagship will submit monthly briefing reports to the owner.
  • Evaluates insurance, licenses, leases, and contracts.  As Flagship reviews the strategic positioning of the specific hospitality asset, the analysis will include a review of existing and potential contracts that may enhance the property’s strategic positioning.
  • Generates financial forecasts for the various stages of construction, pre-opening, and operation.
  • Expedites equipment (FF&E) purchasing.

Technical & Pre-Opening Services

Flagship Services Corporation offers a competitive edge to a property opening or a major repositioning, based on extensive hands-on experience in numerous hotel developments and openings.  FSC has the capacity to oversee every component, from concept development, site selection, design coordination, and contractor selection – to securing the adequate equipment, décor, licenses, and staff, and organizing the official opening events.  The FSC team is in a position to assist any investor through the experience of developing and opening, be it a property large or small.

General Service / Guidance

FSC’s experience allows us to consult with architects and designers concerning design criteria, requirements, and layouts of all functioning areas of the hotel.  Further, we lend our expertise to the development of general themes and concepts and can assist in the selection and preparation of designs for all furnishings, operating equipment, and operating supplies. Additionally, we are able to review and offer advice on schematics, architectural and engineering plans, and specifications for all aspects of a hotel property.

Owner Representation

Flagship Services Corporation will act as the owner’s representative. In this role, we assist the client relative to their at-risk investment. In this capacity, Flagship serves as a counter-balance to the day-to-day management company and works closely with the operator to facilitate the relationship between the owners and the operators.

Brand Standards Compliance

Flagship Services Corporation will review the procurement and maintenance of all licenses and permits required of the property. We work with the owner to help insure compliance and adhere to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, requirements, and ordinances that are pertinent to hotel operation such as local employment laws and ADA requirements.

Department Operations Manuals

To ensure clear, consistent standards and procedures for each operating and administrative department, Flagship produces custom manuals that cover every aspect of successful hotel management - such as sales and marketing, food and beverage, property management, finance, maintenance, front office, rooms division, casino, and administration.

Staffing / Human Resources Development

FSC assists with the recruitment and appropriate training of personnel at all levels.  Our employment process includes the appropriate background research for all staff, followed by detailed orientation and training leading to industry-wide certification.  The attention to the development of the human resource contributes to a professional, empowered workforce and increased retention of hotel personnel.

Pre-Opening Marketing Programs Development

Flagship Services Corporation can contribute to the development of a sales and marketing program in line with the pre-approved Business Plan to help launch your property into the market.  Services include the coordination of all grand opening activities, sales efforts, advertising, and promotion necessary for the strong opening of a property.


Flagship Services Corporation provides consulting services that cover a wide range of areas, including operations, marketing, and financial structure.

Hospitality Consulting

  • Lodging
  • Casino
  • Condo-hotel development and operations

Marketing Plan Review

  • A strategic Sales and Marketing Plan is developed each year for Flagship properties.
  • Flagship reviews the tactical initiatives of each plan (Sales Action Plan) to ensure property compliance and determine whether new approaches could be more effective to market the hotel.
  • Flagship monitors the coordination between property and franchiser marketing (i.e. Holiday Inn, Hilton, InterContinental), ensuring that properties capitalize on all marketing opportunities and the support available from the franchiser.

Marketing Strategies Development

Flagship Services Corporation takes pride in the success of its targeted approach to marketing and sales. Each sales program is driven by revenue and minimum prospecting goals built into its performance evaluation. As a result, the entire staff embraces an ownership mentality and actively contributes to the marketing plan, from development through implementation. Our corporate team works closely with the property to ensure all strategic plans and initiatives are successful.

Annual Sales and Marketing Plan

Revenue  Management – The FSC team is proficient in redesigning market-mix for turn-around situations to yield higher RevPar growth.  Further, full channel management controls are implemented via GDS, third party, and direct web to maximize revenue for the property.  Flagship consistently applies specialized yield management and revenue management techniques.

Direct Sales Effort

Our Company is committed to a hands-on approach to the sales effort. A business-to-business relationship is a key component of our success in the field. Ongoing sales training is conducted throughout the year to ensure a focused, professional sales team. In addition, all sales professionals, including the Director of Sales, are expected to achieve prospecting and revenue goals.

Customer Identification

We specialize in knowing who is staying with us. Identifying and anticipating customers’ needs are integral parts of the sales process. We use a custom CRM process to build a targeted database of clientele that matches customers with hotel.


We have a proven and highly-successful e-commerce marketing plan using our own website (or brand standard) that achieves more than 2000% return on advertising investment. We establish and implement a unique e-commerce budget specifically designed to coincide with operating revenues. Booking engine programs are integrated into the property’s web design that appears seamless to the customer and  maximizes revenue.

Operational & Marketing Analysis

Flagship conducts operational and marketing reviews of hotels for the purpose of identifying shortcomings in marketing efforts, operational inefficiencies, service deficiencies which may be inappropriate for that particular hotel, improper and wasteful payroll scheduling, and other waste. These reviews are useful for increasing cash flow, developing workout plans, or analyzing budgets and cash flow forecasts for hotels.

Market Overviews & Impact Analysis

FSC offers solutions to owners who find themselves in situations where they must respond to their franchisor or locate an affiliate within the competitive area – or in scenarios where a new construction underway or a major refurbishing can drastically change the distribution of demand within the market.

We also prepare abbreviated Market Overviews and Demand Studies which consist of a report that outlines the potential hotel market and how the proposed property should be positioned within it, and includes estimates of annual Occupancy Percentage and Average Daily Rate. In addition, we can generate estimates of operating results over the first five years of operation. In cases where a full market demand study is required by a lender from an independent consulting firm, we coordinate and supervise the engagement to insure its accuracy and cost effectiveness.


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